How to Use Tracts Effectively

How to Use Tracts Effectively

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How to Use Tracts Effectively
How to Use Tracts Effectively

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A list of opportunities, methods and reasons to use tracts to share the gospel.
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Why Tracts are Effective

  • Many people never go to church or read the Bible. A tract may be the only clear presentation of the Gospel they will ever receive.
  • A tract can go anywhere inexpensively. You can carry it in your pocket or purse, place it in a rack, or send it through the mail.
  • A tract will reinforce your personal witness. Even if you can’t follow up, the reader can write to the publisher’s address on the back for further help.
  • Some people will not listen to you, but will accept a tract. Many people have been saved through reading (and rereading) a tract in privacy.

How To Use Tracts

When you give a tract, you are representing the Lord. Here are a few suggestions on how to witness for Jesus Christ with tracts.

  1. Prayerfully. Ask the Lord to give you a love for Christ and a genuine concern for those whom you will meet. Pray that the Holy Spirit will, through the tracts you give, open hearts and minds to the Gospel.
  2. Practically. Be sensitive to the needs and interests of those around you, and be equipped to use tracts when it is appropriate.
  3. Pleasantly. It costs so little to smile, but a smile goes so far. If a person refuses a tract or wants to argue, be pleasant. Don’t argue.
  4. Plentifully. Tracts cost so little that you can afford to give them freely. Certainly some people will throw them away. People turn off the radio, yet we still broadcast the Gospel. Be persistent, and trust the Lord to bring forth fruit.
  5. Prospectively. Tracts open the door to further witness. But if you have an opportunity to share your faith, don’t give a tract as an excuse to not witness.

Other Ways to Use Tracts

  • Mail tracts with letters, greeting cards and bills. Send them to friends, shut-ins, and visitors to your church.
  • Give them to waitresses, gasoline attendants, and salespeople. [see below for tracts made for this purpose]
  • Carry them on vacation and whenever you travel. Always have some in your pocket, purse, and glove compartment.
  • Keep tracts inside the entrance of your home to give to solicitors.
  • Put tracts in your church bulletin for visitors and to encourage Christians to use them.
  • Place a tract rack in your church. Obtain permission to place tract racks in hospitals, rest homes, bus stations, prisons, etc.
  • Give tracts to children in VBS and Sunday school and on special days like Halloween and Valentine’s Day.
  • Send teams from your church with tracts door-to-door, to sports events, fairs, parades, etc. Hand-stamp your church address on the back.
  • Use a Scripture calendar card as a business card with your personal imprint or imprinted with your church’s address and schedule.

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More ways to Share Your Faith in Christ

Here are some full Gospel wallet sized tracks that are good for sharing with waitresses or cashiers whenever you sell or purchase something. If the person expects a cash tip give 20% or more and include a tract. Leaving less than a good tip makes a bad witness.

(I find it helpful to ask if they have gotten one of these yet. If they have, then ask how they felt about it.)
You can tracts and other evangelism tools at Living Waters


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